About Pyrebound

The world has not been kind to Ram’s family. Father just lost an arm. Mother can’t work. And if Ram can’t find a way to make money fast, a life of forced labor is the best any of them can hope for. His only way forward is through the darkest side of their dark world–fighting on the front lines of war against the demons, hiding with thieves and assassins in the shadows, wandering the wilds where the monsters rule.  How much more will the god of the pyre ask him to sacrifice?  And why, Ram wonders, should he be the one to pay?

Pyrebound is a free-to-read online serial fantasy novel set in an unusual world loosely based on the cultures of ancient Mesopotamia.  The story is quite grim at points; this is a world where human civilization is perpetually hanging on by its fingernails.  Injustice is common and unremarkable.  With that said, I’ve put a lot of effort into making Ki an interesting place to visit, and I hope you enjoy it.

The Red Sheep

(Brayton Cole)

UPDATE 6/7/22: Pyrebound completed in November 2021; I have edited it to sell as an Amazon Kindle ebook. I also intend to re-serialize it on Royal Road, to hopefully reach a wider audience.